Captain Virat Kohli – On The Pathway To Greatness


Captaincy brings the best out of Virat Kohli

Kohli is on the path towards greatness. Having been named as the captain, he can only improve.
“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it. – Thomas S Monson

Cricket, just like time, spares none. Every great batsman down the years has faced moments of insecurity and self-doubt but what set them apart is how they got out of the trough. One common line spouted by many a batsman during these times is that they were trying to stay in the present and enjoy the game. It’s as simple as that but easier said than done. Kohli was under immense pressure from all quarters and it is in times like these that the mind becomes cluttered. It was all the more important to embrace the pressure and not worry about the future. Virat Kohli was no stranger to the task at hand. He bounced back and silenced doubters with 62 and 127 in consecutive innings against West Indies. Any amount of lessons learnt and preparations would count for little if the execution faltered. On the ground, it all came down to the simplest of things Living it every ball, every shot and every moment on the field, without letting the pressure to get to him. And Kohli’s comeback was a lesson in the same.

Step one had been cleared. Virat – the batsman was back to his best and it was time now to take the next step. With MS Dhoni being rested for the Sri Lanka series, it is time for Kohli to step into the captain’s shoes. Knowing Virat Kohli, he will be looking to make the most of it. Already touted as a future leader, Kohli now has the chance to showcase another aspect of his cricket at the highest level.

He was always going to be the next India captain after MS Dhoni, now Kohli will have a taste of the hot seat when he leads India in the 5 ODIs against Sri Lanka. It is his turn to live the dream of many. Leading the Indian team will be a great responsibility for the youngster and to his credit he has always shown the maturity to do so. He’s progressed far ahead of his peers and looks set to take the next step forward.

Captaincy can be a demanding job and it is not entrusted on anyone without careful assessment. Kohli’s progress through the years has been trademarked with a sense of maturity that others of his age strive to attain. Having been the vice-captain for a while, Kohli was always groomed for the job and the time has come now to show everyone what he has been preparing for. Sri Lanka have faced his wrath as a batsman but will have first taste of his captaincy style. The Lankans have been in impressive form all year and it will certainly be a trial by fire for Kohli and his young team. It is time again, for Kohli to step up, live in the moment and hence create a bouquet of memories for his fans.

Virat Kohli has performed so well under pressure and now, deservingly, he is the captaining the Indian team on this series. Now, it’s his time to live it abhi.

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